Summer On The Ranch

Cement Creek Ranch offers excellent fly fishing, with 2 miles of private water meandering through its alpine meadows. Trout fishing is with barbless flies only with all fish released. The beginner will catch his or her share of mostly browns, but some brook and rainbow trout as well. The expert may see large browns lurking under the undercut banks.

For hikers and mountain bikers, the surrounding National Forest has some of the best trails available anywhere.Nature lovers will appreciate the surrounding forest and wetlands of Cement Creek as an observatory of elk, deer, beaver, bear, birds, plants, and wildflowers. Coyotes can often be heard howling at night and in the early morning.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Cement Creek Ranch is its privacy and quiet. It is easy to sit on the cabin porch or by the stream all day, relax and escape the stresses of every day life.

Fly fishing at Cement Creek